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Scam Invoicing practice

Videotron uses a scam invoicing practice. For the past several months I have been renegotiating my package with the customer satisfaction department. I negotiated a FIXED price for 6 months but when I received my new invoice it was $30 higher than my negotiated price. The new customer sat rep I talked to kept saying that this is your current price. I had enough of the B.S. I was being given and asked to talk to his manager. After putting me on hold for 15 minutes the Rep offered me a One Time credit of $90 (which was 15$ x6 months). I told him that wasn't enough since it's only have of what I was promised. My previous months billing actually shows the correct amount. The rep tried to make me believe that the previous month invoice was incorrect and said that an amount was added to the new invoice, BTW that' s against the law.

They also refused to send me any email confirming what the 90$ discount is for and why. ( they are trying to protect their asses after finding out their trying to screw me.) They also refused to send me my negotiated contract info. which is also against the law. Guess I have to contact the Consumer Protection Board and put in a formal complaint.