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Room Switch

Hi Videotron,


I'm using the Helix internet, and the gateway is installed in Room A. Somehow, I had to relocate all my PCs and consoles to Room B; so I reconnected the gateway to the cable socket in the Room B. However, it didn't work any more, no internet available. Have to keep the gateway in the Room A and using a long ranged lan cable to bring it on the Room B.

The question is that, is it impossible to relocate the Helix gateway to another room? Do you or I need to do something special for the modem, cable, gateway or something else?



Taehee Kim



Hi! Any answers for this?

I can't believe that no one from Videotron has answered you yet...


Anyway, moving your Helix comes with a set of problems. The signal needs to be in a certain range on Helix (input from Cable) and with low interference in order to work. This means that switching to a new port you run the risk of not getting service if the signal isn't within the expected range. A tech verifies this when they install your Helix butr they do not check the other ports. Also, splitters (the cheap ones especially) can actually trim some frequencies. That was not so much of a problem when the analog cable was rampant but with digital signals and the very high frequencies used now, it is much more of an issue.


You can check where you signal is split and see if you can replace the splitter with a better, more recent one but there is no guarantee that it will work or work reliably. Only a tech with the right meter will be able to make sure you get the proper signal at a new port.