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Much faster upload speeds

The fact it is 2021 and Videotron is still capping upload speeds at 50 MBPS is mind boggling to say the least. Bell is offering Gigabit down and up connections for similar pricing. I am loyal to videotron but as I work from home more and more (COVID) I need much faster upload speeds. Sadly if things don't improve I will be forced to go to Bell for my internet services.


I hear you. With WFH being the norm now, 50mbs for Teams just doesn't cut it. Reliability of my calls since I took Xfin... I mean Helix has dramatically dropped. 


Videotron, you are significantly behind. Bell has you by the B as far as network speed (and reliability on Fibe). I did pay for the Helix hardware but... it is not a question of price anymore... I may go back to Bell just because your service is SO sub-par.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi 3dRikal. We understand what you are saying. We currently have 50 mbps in upload but we will note your comments for our engineering and marketing departments. Thank you and if something new comes up, Videotron will announce it to customers.