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Monitor internet usage Helix

Why can’t we monitor our internet usage with Helix? Removing all bandwidth caps was amazing for sure so I understand that not everybody cares about monitoring their usage, but why remove that option from everybody and keep it only for non Helix customers? I’d like to have an idea of how much bandwidth I’m consuming per month, perhaps maybe even with more details on device usage... I do see the daily usage on the Helix Fi app, but it’s only in terms of percentages, which I don’t find very informative.


If they are not providing this feature then you can set up it on your laptop. Just go to the setting, click on the internet, Click on data usage and here you will find the usage detail option just click on it and you can check the usage of the internet. I am working on a dentist's website and I also use this method to check the usage of the internet.