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Internet cuts out on certain sites after the SECOND click, sometimes the 3rd.


I've had this problem for years with my home internet connection.


There are certain sites I use all the time, like my college's Omnivox system,, and Scotiabank's online banking, that stop responding after a couple of clicks. If I wait about a minute, I get an error message like "We cannot connect to this page at this time" or "Connection timed out. Try again?". Sometimes I don't even get the error message, but the page just sits there with the status bar stalled in the first inch, not doing anything unless I reload.


In many cases, if I turn off Wifi on my laptop, then turn it on again, I can get the page to load, possibly because the Internet thinks it's a FIRST connection, instead of my second or third. But on Omnivox or my bank's online banking page, it causes an error and I have to log back in again.


I have a desktop computer connected by an actual wire (not Wifi), and it's the same problem, except that I have no way to easily switch off internet and switch it back on again to force the page to load. Also, my iPhone connects perfectly using data, but not with my home Wifi connection. Same problem. That's THREE of my devices, all Apple, all having trouble with my home connection. My wife with her Mac laptop, same problem. My son with a Windows computer connected by Ethernet, same problem. For him it's infuriating when he is playing an online game and the computer just stops talking to the other players on the Web for a minute or two, causing him to lose the game.


These pages always allow the first connection, and in most cases, the second. As soon as I try a third click, the page freezes. I don't think it is the remote site causing the problem, because this only occurs at home. When I am at my school, or in a hotel room, or just about anywhere, those page load and operate flawlessly.


Now that I am quarantined at home and have to use Omnivox constantly, it's a huge drag having to navigate this bug all the time. Someone mentioned once that it might have something to do with "ports" but I am not computer savvy and have no idea how to trouble-shoot or fix that.


I tried bypassing the wireless router with my desktop's Ethernet connection, and it was the same problem, so I doubt it's the router's fault. It's a one-year old, expensive 5G router that I bought because I DID think it was my old router's problem. It wasn't. Everything was the same with the new router.


When I ran Videotron's online speed check, it passed with flying colours.


Any ideas?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! It indeed really doesn't look like an issue with the internet connection itself. Have you already tried updating your network drivers ?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Were you able to find a solution?

No, I have found no solution. As for updating internet drivers, I am on the latest update for my MacOS system. This problem dates back over several system upgrades going back years, including at least two different routers and two different modems.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

If the issue persists with different modems and routers, there is very little chance it's the service itself. I understand that the issue is present on multiple devices. But does the issue happen on multiple browsers from different vendors ?

Three different routers over ten years, wifi AND direct cable connections, all devices and all browsers. Right now there are:


MacPro laptop x 3, same problem over wifi with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. None of these problems ever show up on our school wifi or any hotel wifi.


MacMini desktop, connected directly with a cable, I can see no difference between this setup and my MacPro, with all three browers AND Mac Mail, which uses Videotron's own email server. This last is why I'm suspecting Videotron is the problem.


Three iPhones and one Android phone, same intermittent wifi.


My son has a PC that he built himself, also with a direct Ethernet cable connection, and it drives him nuts that he is playing an online game and his connection just takes a one-minute break every ten minutes or so, causing him to lose his game. I don't know the details of his system, nor his gaming software.


If the problem has persisted over several routers, computers, and system upgrades, why do you suspect that the problem is NOT Videotron? Videotron is the only common thing in all this. My TV cable connection (also Videotron) is mostly pretty good. It's only the internet that is a problem.


BTW, thanks for all your attention here. I appreciate your effort to help me find a solution.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi csmith. Regarding this situation, cleary it needs our attention. Please reach us by chat or preferably by phone so we can test the modem, the router, your devices and the network: < >. Thank you! 

Cedrik, thanks for the advice. I followed it. The technician just left now after diagnosing a bad modem and replacing it. 


Many thanks.