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How to setup different password for guest profile?


How to setup different password for guest profile?

If you read article in the search result for “how to secure your wifi” it talks about having a separate password for your guest profile. Which can be used for IoT devices or create a separate network for such devices, keeping it separate from your secure devices like phones/computers.
So that even if someone uses the IoT device to hack the network, your sensitive devices cannot be accessed.

How do I create a separate network on helix fi?

I read it gives an option to create diff password for 2.5 & 5GHz bands but that work around can impair device connectivity.
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Hello, the Helix gateway only allows 2 networks, the 2,4 and the 5 GHz. It is not possible to create a 3rd network, for that you'd have to use a 3rd party accessory like a router or a powerline/repeater connected through Ethernet to the gateway but broadcasting a separate network.

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