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Helix Gateway configuration questions

I just got the helix installed today and I'd like to start with I find it madness there is so little documentation on this product...even when calling support I was told they would not be able to help me as they have not been provided any other information beyond what is already available online which is very limited...regardless.


1) I'd like to know if static routes can be created on the helix as from the web interface it doesn't seem possible.


2) I understand you do not troubleshoot 3rd party devices which is understandable and I wouldn't expect you to, but I have my own router connected to the Helix and when put in bridged mode (the helix) my router does not receive a public ip address, checking the logs of my device I see the DHCP request going out on the interface connected to the helix but no response from the Helix.


I guess my question is does anything need to be done to the Helix besides being put in bridge mode or am I missing something? I understand bridge mode turns the Helix into a modem so my understanding is that my own router should be receiving the public IP that the helix would get when acting as the router. With my old Videotron modem there was no issue receiving a public IP address from the modem on my router.


Hoping someone can inform me what I'm doing wrong as I had no issue before using my own router with my old modem until the Helix was added into the mix.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi @chrisk88


There is nothing else required other than the router being configured for the internet connection to receive its dynamic IP address automatically by DHCP. However, it is important to note there shouldn't be any other devices connected to the Helix Gateway's LAN port when you activate the "bridge" mode aside from the router. Only the LAN port in which the personal router is connected will be functional. You may also need to restart the router. As for static routes, it does not appear to be available but we will take note of it.

I have the same question the OP posed as #1, but was not answered, namely: can static routes be set on the Helix Fi Gateway2 (an Arris TG4482A)?

I have not found this on the router’s own internal web GUI, nor on the Helix Fi app.
NOTE: I am NOT referring to port forwarding (or, of course, DMZ).