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Helix fi 2 gateway disconnecting periodically

Hi, I've noticed that every now and then my connection gets interrupted, and when I look at my Helix Fi 2 Gateway router I see it flashing either green or orange. It doesn't take too long for the connection to come back but it's extremely frustrating when I'm working on zoom or playing an online game. I've read that this means downstream or upstream synchronization or even firmware update. I'm wondering if there is a setting on the Helix fi 2 gateway to pause these events or a setting to schedule them to happen at specific times ex. between 4-7AM? Any answer would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



I am having this exact same issue. Light goes orange for a bit, then briefly goes green and back to white. Happens at least 5 or 6 times throughout the day at completely random times. Cables are all checked and properly hooked up, restarted the gateway a good 3 times now to no avail. It's a router problem for sure because every single device connected to the router just loses out on the internet connectivity but the actual connection to the router is still visible. My computer is connected to the router with an ethernet cable and also has this problem so it is not a wifi issue. This is getting extremely aggravating, paying for the 400mbps option and the connection sometimes doesn't even stay up for an hour without dropping.

Wow, 5-6 times a day is a lot! I've had the router for 4 months and it was happening more often in the beginning, I would say on average, once a day. It has been better as of late, maybe happening a couple of times a week but it seems to happen at the worst times! Other than that the router has been great. I think because it is a newer router, there are more firmware updates on it and I get that but it would be nice to set a schedule where they happen when the router isn't being used. Still waiting for answers. I may try and call soon to ask.

Mine has started twice daily disconnecting. In the middle of trying to pay bills my transactions cannot be completed because the gateway is offline. Very frustrating to say the least.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello alanduo!


In this situation, we highly recommend contacting our Technical Support by phone or online chat so we can verify this situation for you. You will find our contact information here :


Have a great day! 




How did they solve your issue? I am encountering the same problem now, and it is very frustrating. 

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Super utilisateur

These issues are typical of the modem losing it's connexion to the network.

Could be an area issue or localised, deff need to call tech support to get it checked and at worst, have a tech sent to your place if it's deemed necessary

Thanks for the advice. I called support, and after reviewing my issue, they will send a tech over to check my line late this week.