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Helix ethernet not working with D-Link ethernet switch

After setting up my Helix gateway I discovered that the ethernet is not working if I use my D-Link ethernet switch to add more ports. The wifi works, and the ethernet works if I don't use the switch. As the gateway only has two ethernet ports I need to add more. The switch model number is DGS-1005G and it was working with my old Videotron router. Any help would be much appreciated! 🙂


Maybe the ports from Helix ethernet only support 1 mac address per port as per port-authentication.

Your question is very good, I am about to do the same so you save me the trouble 8-)

If they do mac authentication, I guess you are stuck.

I suggest you put a router to one of the Helix ethernet port and your switch to the lan port of the extra router, this is a setup I am doing anyway to linkup my old network/router to the new Helix, on my old router I have 1 RPI3, 1 Beaglebone, 1 camera on the LAN ethernet ports.

Hope I can shed a light on your problem and a solution.

I know it sucks when something worked before and broken in new stuff.

But wifi router are ultra cheap now, you can have the 3 ethernets port from a regular router + the one from your dlink switch.


I'm using a TP-Link switch (TL-SG105)  with my Helix router with no problem.



Starting this week, my ethernet port connected to a TP-Link 16 ports stop working, all computers lost Internet connection. I called Videotron and trying to troubleshoot, I thought it was a bad switch. I install another switch, a D-Link 8 ports and the connection to the Internet resumed.


Yesterday, I lost the connection to the Internet again with the D-Link. I reset the Helix and reinstalled my 16 ports TP-Link switch and everything is working.


Last week, I changed the way my switch is connected to the network. I have a high performance Asus router in AP mode connected to the other ethernet port.


My 16 ports switch was connected to the Asus router before last week. Because I need to restart the Asus router occasionally to restore WIFI connexion devices like WIFI dimmers and plugs, I connect the 16 ports directly on the second port of the Helix to avoid losing Internet connection on the wired computers while I restart the Asus.


For how long will it work?


I suspect the ethernet port of the Helix to block traffic because of suspect network traffic. It was working fine for 3 months will connect on the Asus router.

So if I got this right, you did a normal initial installation and then connected your own WiFi router using a Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on Helix modem/router, thus maintaining your old WiFi as it was before?

My situation, I have been using my Apple Router to which I have connected network drives and I just want to maintain this setup while using Helix for my Helix TV

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Good afternoon,

all switches should work with Helix Gateway, unless your model is not compatible. If this is the case, please contact one of our technical support representative at 1-877-380-2611 or by chat here:

We will then have to open a ticket for investigation.

Thank you


my cable modem is a tm822G. can I install a switch to it with multiple clients so that all have public IP addresses? I noted that Videotron's DHCP puts me on a /24 subnet which means 14 IPs should be available. however, with a 2 client test network, I can only get 1 client to work at a time. separately, each client connects with different IP addresses on the /24 subnet. more to the point, does Videotron limit me to 1 active public IP address on the /24 subnet?