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Helix ethernet not working with D-Link ethernet switch


Helix ethernet not working with D-Link ethernet switch

After setting up my Helix gateway I discovered that the ethernet is not working if I use my D-Link ethernet switch to add more ports. The wifi works, and the ethernet works if I don't use the switch. As the gateway only has two ethernet ports I need to add more. The switch model number is DGS-1005G and it was working with my old Videotron router. Any help would be much appreciated! 🙂


Maybe the ports from Helix ethernet only support 1 mac address per port as per port-authentication.

Your question is very good, I am about to do the same so you save me the trouble 8-)

If they do mac authentication, I guess you are stuck.

I suggest you put a router to one of the Helix ethernet port and your switch to the lan port of the extra router, this is a setup I am doing anyway to linkup my old network/router to the new Helix, on my old router I have 1 RPI3, 1 Beaglebone, 1 camera on the LAN ethernet ports.

Hope I can shed a light on your problem and a solution.

I know it sucks when something worked before and broken in new stuff.

But wifi router are ultra cheap now, you can have the 3 ethernets port from a regular router + the one from your dlink switch.


I'm using a TP-Link switch (TL-SG105)  with my Helix router with no problem.



Starting this week, my ethernet port connected to a TP-Link 16 ports stop working, all computers lost Internet connection. I called Videotron and trying to troubleshoot, I thought it was a bad switch. I install another switch, a D-Link 8 ports and the connection to the Internet resumed.


Yesterday, I lost the connection to the Internet again with the D-Link. I reset the Helix and reinstalled my 16 ports TP-Link switch and everything is working.


Last week, I changed the way my switch is connected to the network. I have a high performance Asus router in AP mode connected to the other ethernet port.


My 16 ports switch was connected to the Asus router before last week. Because I need to restart the Asus router occasionally to restore WIFI connexion devices like WIFI dimmers and plugs, I connect the 16 ports directly on the second port of the Helix to avoid losing Internet connection on the wired computers while I restart the Asus.


For how long will it work?


I suspect the ethernet port of the Helix to block traffic because of suspect network traffic. It was working fine for 3 months will connect on the Asus router.

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