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Helix conifguration

Not sure if my last post posted as I can't find it.


Basically trying to confgiure new helix in bridged mode to use my own router. My old videotron modem had no issue giving my router an IP address when connected diretctly to it but when Helix is in bridge mode my router does not receive a public IP. I can see from my device logs the dhcp request going out on the interface of connected to the helix but no repsonse comes back.


I understand videotron does not support/troubleshoot 3rd party devices but I'd like to see if I'm diong something wrong as per my understanding once in bridge mode the helix should act simply as a modem. I find 0 documentation on helix configuration and the web  interface has so little information on it I don't see what I could be doing wrong...if someone could offer some input.


Can Anybody tell any video calling app from which i can contact to my employees??

There are tons of apps out there like, skype, google duo zoom,


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi chrisk88. Regarding this situation, we strongly suggest you reach our technical department and they will verify the steps that has been done to activate bridge mode: < >. Thank you!