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Getting a new WAN IP address using Helix?


I called technical support to change my public (WAN) IP address, but they said this can't be done manually. It is handled by the DHCP server. I'm using Helix as my modem/router.


I unplugged my Helix for 24 hours, but when I reconnected I still had the same IP address.


Potential ideas?:

1) Is there a a way to change Helix's MAC address to potentially get a new IP address?

2) Configure Helix as a "bridge" so the MAC address seen by the DHCP server is my router?


I cannot use a VPN as it is forbidden for my work. Any help is appreciated.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! It's not possible to change the gateway's MAC address. This being said, placing the gateway in bridge mode and using a personal router will absolutely generate a new IP address.

Hope this helps!