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Does Videotron have plans to upgrade their network to a Fiber network?


I just switched from Videotron's Helix to Bell 1.5Gbps. The reason why I switched is because Bell made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Paying the same price for more bandwidth (I had 400mbps with Videotron), and 5 more channels for my tv.


Quite frankly, the speed is an overkill. I think anything above 1Gbps is an overkill considering most homes can't really benefit from those speeds. Videotron at some point had gigabit services but they stopped offering it. I'm not sure why, as I've heard it works quite well. Where Videotron will always fail for me is the type of cable they use. I game a lot and Bell's FTTH gives me the best latency possible. Because of this, it's extremely difficult to switch back to cable.


I find it difficult to ever move back to Videotron (provided that Bell's prices don't increase too much) and have a 10ms-30ms disadvantage when gaming, in addition to not having gigabit bandwidth. 10ms-30ms doesn't seem like much time, but when you're playing fast paced games like Call of Duty, it most certainly matters. The extra bandwidth helps downloading large sized games quicker.


Does Videotron have any plans to upgrade their copper cable network to an FTTH fiber optic network sometime in the future?


Same here!  Ping to google is always around 20-35 ms with Videotron.  People will get my walls too easily in Fortnite and I get shot alot quicker by tryhards with 0-5 ms ping.  Videotron has not evolve compared to Bell with FTTH.  They offer 1990's speeds and latency.  It's going to come and **blip** them sooner or later!  I pray everyday that Bell passes fiber in my street.  It should come soon as I saw techs take measurements of cables in my street and I asked the guy and he confirmed it was to bring FTTH from Bell.   When available, bye bye Videotron with their ridicule speeds and latency.

Not only Bell has the superior Internet technology, they are also offering it at a lower price than what Videotron is offering. As of today, 1.5Gbps with Bell is $60/month, that includes equipment and installation and FTTH! Few of my friends and family members have canceled Videotron to benefit from this offer.


I only see two ways for Videotron to remain competitive:

  • Significantly lower the prices because they don't have a FTTH network and can't match the same speeds as Bell
  • Invest in FTTH infrastructure

Otherwise, there is no reason to switch to Videotron.