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Can the Helix Fi Gateway be used as a network switch?


Bell is coming to install new service at a family member's place next week and I have a 30m long wire going from the modem's location to the basement. I was using a router (Linksys E1200) as a network switch to get more Ethernet ports, but I will no longer use it as it can only handle a maximum of 100Mbps.


The Helix Fi Gateway can do 1Gbps so I would like to use it as my network switch. Has anyone tried to do this successfully?



For anyone trying to turn the Helix Fi into a network switch (kind of), I managed to do it successfully.

- Factory reset the gateway

- Go in the router settings

- Connections -> WAN -> switch the WAN method from Auto or DOCSIS to Ethernet.

- That's it!


I tried just plugging the connection in and it worked for a few minutes, but then stopped working. This is the only way I got it to work. I guess the Helix Fi Gateway can only be used as a modem, and switching the WAN port to Ethernet did the trick.