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BEWARE ! weird issue with payement arragments


BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there !

We had a mobility service with videotron which not cover our needs, so we make request to fix their quality of these services but were unable to fix them and propose us to stop using their services with very very bad manner .

and not only this, they transfer the rest of the balance of the mobile handsets to our internet connection

The amount is $7000 + , We call them and we asking them to pay according to our terms until we have money to pay all dept in some blessing time frame 6 month to a year

They refuse to accept payment schedule for 6 months or to a year and they warning us if we don't pay per month for 3 months or 4 months the amount they will cut their services ( too stupid thing to do )

However we accept to pay all this amount after 4 months with a check in total amount as good willing , another time they refuse , This was our fifth attempt to find a way to pay our company dept without any good willing for their side

If they service disruption to internet connection ( we still have 2 years contract ) they forcing us to go to court for millions and millions amount of damages, we have contract that worth 100 million dollards if they making 6 month patient with win win for all . If they refuse and close the acount we gonna loose that contracts and not be able to pay them at all , actually i will ask to the court videotron to cover all the value of the contracts.

At this time our company is good standing

thank you



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Sadly, no one here will be able to help... You should fill a formal complaint here.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi xynarianos. We took the time to carefully read your message and we want to take charge of the situation. We will write to you in a private message and we will exchange information so we can call you directly. Thank you.