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Accessing email through a mobile device

I try to keep this straight to the point.  


accessing email through a mobile device such as my Samsung S9+ phone, or my Samsung Tab s4.  I have tried multiple email apps, on both phone and tablet with no success.  Each time says Email/user and or password incorrect.  I reset the password and still the same issue.  I have even tried multiple times with Manual setup.  Still same issue and msg.  


Can it be that you need a separate user and or password to access the emails, and not have to go through the website and webmails.  as this is a big waist of time, and I don't like having to go through hoops.  Start an app it gets my mail and I can write from it.  As simple and outlook, gmail and the others.  Videotron just doesn't work that good.

Unless you can prove me wrong.


under manage user accounts> xxx (user) >, Identifiers for your Videotron email account where it says to use the same customer service ID, is this correct or can you select use separate?  But when you select separate one, how  to use this feature, How to setup use or ID?   I believe its this that is causing the issue.  or Videotron and some security feature in place.  I called them and explained my issue and they followed a script, and print screens from the website, which I found to be a waist of time.  


I have tried calling for support, writing with no reply.  manual setup, on both mobile and tablet both with no success.

I just find having to go through so many hoops.  should not be the solution for us clients.  SIMPLE? 






Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Elizabeth!


The username (the Email address) and the password for your Videotron Email address are the same, whether you are using the Webmail of our website or an Email client software. 


The exception to this is if you are reaching the Webmail through the Customer Center, as the credentials may be different between the Webmail and the Customer Center. 


Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or chat for assistance. You will find the contact details for our Technical Support on this page :


Have a great day!




Thanks, but after calling support,  no one could assist.  Having a samsung s9+and or samsung tabs4, neither of which can I setup a email address through any of a dozen apps. None work. I have tried many times and support doesn't know any advanced setup or tips and tricks, all they do is read off a script.  They say all you do is put user name or email and password and voila. Merd. It doesn't work.  Having to login manually through your customer website and access mail defines the purpose of Having a mobile phone and or tablet for the go. Complete waist of time. Do I download the videotron app does it offer this service?!? Or just another waisted time.. I have put this off after my last reply cause there really isn't effort in trying to fix this problem.