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Videotron signal in orleans?


Videotron signal in orleans?

For those of you on Videotron, how does it work in Orleans, especially around the Chapel Hill area? I'm with Bell and often times i have no service, even no bars for some reason. I am seeing Videotron's 11GB deal for $50 a month and I'm tempted to switch. Bonus question, how does it do in areas like Toronto and Montreal? Or even USA?

Thanks in advance! 🙂

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Hi tejas87, we stronly suggest you reach our technical support by chat or by phone and they will verify the coverage for you: < http://bit.ly/FB_Contact_Us >.


You could also use the following link to give you an idea for the Canadian territory: < https://videotron.com/residential/p/mobile/mobile-network-coverage/A-psku13600313e >.


If you want the international coverage, here is the link: < https://videotron.com/residential/p/mobile/travel/mobile-options-for-travel/A-psku12810222e >. Thank you!


That's really weird cause I never had any signal issues.

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