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Must-have travel apps

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Your phone is the perfect travel companion—it never gets tired, follows you everywhere, and is always there to give you the info you need. Make the most of it with these handy apps. Bon voyage!


Speak fluently

Sail right past the language barrier—it’s easy with the right apps! Google Translate lets you translate text into 108 languages, and can even translate text in pictures. Never again will you be left guessing when the menu is in Chinese! For offline use, download Microsoft Translator, along with all the dictionaries you may need. Talk up a storm with your own personal interpreter, SayHi. It can translate conversations into multiple languages and dialects using your phone’s microphone.


Convert currency fast

Vacation mode is all about putting your brain on pause. So you don’t want to get into mind-numbing calculations to convert Vietnamese dongs into Canadian dollars. Simply download Currency to easily convert into over 150 currencies. XE also allows you to transfer money around the world.


Budget like a pro

Enter your expenses as you go and track your vacation budget with Trabee Pocket. It can even convert the money you spend into Canadian dollars. That way, you’ll avoid any surprises on your credit card statement when you get home.


If you’re travelling with a group, you’ll definitely want to download Splitwise. It’s a fast and easy way to split restaurant bills, for example. The app compiles bills and splits them between everyone at the end of the trip. Never let complex accounting come between you and your friends!


Find the perfect place to stay

There are as many accommodation apps as there are types of travellers. Well-organized jetsetters will love and—aggregators that search over a million hotels to hunt down the best match for them. Vrbo features beach houses, cottages and condos for rent. Globetrotters on a budget will appreciate Airbnb, which provides short-term rentals from individuals and unique local experiences. More adventurous voyagers may not book anything at all. But they can still find a good price on last-minute accommodations with HotelTonight.


Get from point A to point B

If you’re flying, enter all your flights into an app like FlightAware or TripIt to track any delays. Skyscanner, on the other hand, is a one-stop shop for booking flights, accommodations, and car rentals.


Looking for the best way to get from Lisbon to Shanghai? Rome2rio and Omio show you all your options for travel by plane, train, bus, ferry, and car. CityMapper offers the same service on a smaller scale, suggesting routes in major cities around the world. If you decide to rent a car, check out, which compiles offers from the world’s biggest rental agencies.


As for maps, try, which works offline (make sure to download the maps you need in advance) and, of course, the one and only Google Maps. Hiking enthusiasts, the AllTrails app provides you with trail maps from all over the world.


Never get bored

Waiting on a delayed flight and been through the duty-free shop three times already? Why not listen to your favourite tunes on Spotify (downloads available with a subscription)? If you’re big on preparing ahead of time, you can download series and movies with the Netflix app, and even record your favourite shows with the Helix TV app.


Sail through customs

Cut down your wait time to (almost) zero. With ArriveCan, you can fill out your advance declaration on your phone up to 72 hours before returning to Canada. The American equivalent is Mobile Passport Control, which can save Canadian tourists oodles of time at the US border.


Even more gems

When it comes to travel, there’s an app for everything. Packr recommends what to pack based on the weather at your destination. Tap Water Stations & Hydration tells you where to fill your bottle with fresh drinking water. Flush points you towards the nearest public washroom. GlobeTips tells you how much to tip depending on the country you’re in. Adventure awaits with your new favourite travel apps. Just make sure you know how to use your mobile plan to its full potential!


Last update: January 17, 2024