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Locating your friends with your mobile phone

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Festival season is in full swing, so grab your squad and join the crowd! You’ll have your phone handy to take great pictures, of course, but did you know that your device can also help you find your friends? Find out how to share your location and ask your friends to share theirs. You’ll spend less time looking for each other and more time enjoying the event!


Share your location using an iPhone

Here are three apps that allow you to share your location using an iPhone:


  • Find My app: Open the app, select the People tab, and tap the + button. Select the person you want to share your position with and tap Send.
  • Messages: Open the app and select a conversation. Tap on the person’s name in the chat window and select Send My Current Location.
  • Maps: Choose directions in the app. At the bottom of the screen, select Directions and then tap Share my ETA. The people with whom you have shared your location will receive a notification and can track your location.


Go to Apple support to learn all the ways to share your location using an iPhone.


Are you in an area with no network coverage? If you have an iPhone 14 or later, you can share your location via satellite when you’re somewhere without cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. This security feature is perfect for hiking. Important: You must share your location via satellite BEFORE you’re outside the coverage area! See additional information on sharing your location via satellite.


Track someone’s location using an iPhone

To track a friend’s location, you must first share your location with them. Then, open the Find My app, select the People tab, and choose the friend whom you shared your location with. Scroll down and select Ask To Follow Location. Your friend will receive a notification and will have to agree to share their location so that you can track it.


Sharing your location with an Android device

Android devices are all about the Google Maps app.


  • Open the Google Maps app, tap your profile picture or initials, and select Location sharing > New share. Please note: The recipient must have a Google account. If they don’t, you can copy the location-sharing link to clipboard and paste it into an email, text, or messaging app, for example.


You can also share your location when navigating. Open the Google Maps app and start navigation. Tap More > Share trip progress, and choose a contact. When you reach your destination or stop navigation, you stop sharing your location.


Go to Google Maps Help to learn more about sharing your real-time location with others.


Asking for someone’s location using an Android device

As with an iPhone, you must share your location with someone before you can get their location. Open the Google Maps app, tap on your profile, and select Location sharing. Tap your contact, then tap Request > Request. The person will receive a notification and must agree to share their location.


Select the duration

Regardless of your device model, you can share your location for as long as you choose, usually for one hour, 24 hours, or indefinitely. You can also stop sharing at any time by selecting the Me tab of your iPhone’s Find My app or your Android device’s Location sharing feature.


What if I lose my phone?

Large crowds make it easier to lose your belongings! If you lose your phone, you can try to find your iPhone at and your Android at You can report your device as missing or secure it to prevent others from accessing it. Check out the detailed steps for lost or stolen mobile phones.


Stay connected to your loved ones

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