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Re: Slow Wi-Fi Speeds... Shouldn't Videotron provide DFS-enabled routers where required?
I probably should have been more specific in my original post.  I have used a WiFi analyzer tool -- which is why I know so many networks in my area are running on the same network channels. On the 5Ghz band, there are several networks on channels 36-48, and several other networks on channels 149-165. You'll note that these are the only channels the Zyxel router is licenced to operate on (https://fccid.io/I88EMG2926Q10A). Thus, it is not possible to select a channel that does not interfere with other networks in my area.  By DFS support, I was refering to the routers ability to broadcast on channels 50-64 and 100-144 where DFS support is legally required. There are no networks in my area broadcasting on these channels. Note that the Zyxel router is not licenced to operate on these channels (https://fccid.io/I88EMG2926Q10A). Realistically, the only way to solve this issue is to configure my network to use the 'DFS channels'... which is not possible with the Zyxel router.  P.S. There are even more networks running on the 2.4 GHz band... so switching over is not a solution.