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Re: Apple watch 3 support on videotron
This is simply not true. Apple sells the AppleWatch 3 with Cellular; the cell phone company (in this case, Videotron) enables the AppleWatch 3 with cellular to pair with the iPhone on its network -- if it has the capability to do so. That's the problem: Videotron's technology currently DOES NOT have the capability to 'share' a number across a hard SIM (in the phone) and the Apple e-SIM (in the watch). You'll be told this flat-out at an Apple store. Videotron, like Telus, is looking at updating its technology to support pairing of devices. The difference is that Telus has publicly committed to doing so before Christmas. Videotron just says "we're working on it." But there is no exclusivity for the roll out. The AppleWatch is not the same volume leader as an iPhone -- for which there was exclusivity on the original roll out. 
Re: Apple watch 3 support on videotron
I do not find this as a plausible answer. Apple would want to get the Apple Watch 3 in as many consumer hands as possible. Therefore, I disagree with the assertion that they would be limiting the number of rollout partners. What is more plausible as an explanation is that Vidéotron has yet to fully rollout VoLTE. The AppleWatch 3 release partners are all on VoLTE.