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Where did the TV guide go

I used to be able the TV guide from my computer at, it`s not there anymore and I don`t want the app for the phone, where can I access Videotron TV listings ?



I have exactly the same problem. Anyone got a suggestion?

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Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Ricky, to access the TV guide with our illico services, you will need to log in into your Customer Centre account and then, scroll down to the Television category.  You should have access to your TV package but also the available channels! Note that you can also join us over here for further help:

Have a great day!

Cedrick that link is **blip**, where did tv listings online go ? If they got rid it another blunder on Videotron for c**blip** on customers, been with this company for over 40 years was called Laurentien then and Peledeau bought it and turn into cash cow but customers get lesser service and cost more every year. You cancelled so many good channels like AMC because they wanted a more fairer contract so bye bye but you raised the price I pay for TV Phone and Internet every year

Videotron no longer has an online TV guide it seems. I do not find it on my account neither. Bell Fine has it for everyone to see but not Videotron. And just to add, the ONLY reason we still have Videotron here is because there is still, after 11 years, no full speed Bell Fine internet nor TV in this neighbourhood. I'd switch to Bell in a heartbeat if it became available! Videotron's technology for online menu on the PVR, app, and this TV guide issue, is basically retarded.