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Still no login access for CTV app!


The no login to CTV for Videotron customers issue was brought up here two years ago and I see there's still no resolution. Videotron customers pay for CTV as part of their cable package yet when we try to log into the CTV app (in my case on an Amazon Firestick) or through a web browser, almost all cable providers in Canada are listed but not Videotron. I know the easy answer is that it's due to the ongoing battle between Videotron and Bell. Each of them will blame the other. We don't care. We're paying for the channel and we should have a login. Besides, Crave, which is also owned by Bell, does have a login for Videotron customers. So the argument that it's due to the Videotron/Bell battle doesn't really make sense. 


So if any Videotron decision makers are reading this, please fix this. It's been two years now since the issue was raised on here and all I see is answers talking about what other on-demand services you offer but nothing about fixing the basic issue. We pay for CTV as part of our cable package, so we should access. Point final!


I'm currently trying to decide if I'll switch to Helix or go with another company altogether (not Bell as they limit their internet speed to my address for now, although a Bell technician recently told me that would change soon). There are other companies that offer fast internet to my address and that are listed as logins to the CTV and Crave apps so perhaps I'll switch to one of them. I'd like to switch to Helix, but I don't like that my access is blocked to login to an online version of a channel I pay for as part of my package. Please fix this!


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! The possibility to log in to a channel's app through your provider depends on licences and broadcasting rights determined between the two parties involved. It is indeed possible that we do not have such licences with CTV. We however take note of your interest in this.
Have a nice evening.

Thank you Julie, could you please look into this? The issue was brought up on this forum two years ago and is still unresolved. As I wrote above, Videotron customers are able to login to the Crave app, which is a product owned by Bell, so we should also be able to log into the CTV app the same way. We need this access because Videotron does not offer the full amount of on-demand programming available from CTV.

Plus it's a free on-air channel. We can catch it with an antenna. Why can't we watch it without sign in? Stop your shenanigans with Bell!


Extremely annoying if you have to use the CTV app or the CTV News app. Cannot find Videotron as a provider to login.


We can always watch the latest episode of pretty much any show without logging in. It's only locked for the older episodes. So this licensing and broadcasting rights argument is pure nonsense.

I find it interesting that subscribers to eBox and Tekksavvy which use Videotron lines are able to login to CTV app!


Also, when I asked why Videotron was not listed as a provider for CTV app, the reply was "Do you have an Helix account, which I didn't at the time, so I figured Videotron just had their own way to access CTV on demand through Helix, but now I am an Helix subscriber and there is no way to get CTV on demand with Helix either. So what's going on? Why does everyone else in Canada have access to CTV app (even Bell's competitors), except Videotron? This is what's driving existing Videotron customers away. If that issue isn't fixed in the near future (and so far I have no reason to believe it ever will be), I'm going to have to look somewhere else. CTV makes up about 75% of the shows we watch. It would be nice to have have access on demand.