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Samsung GX-VD940CJ CableCARD


So, recently I inherited a Samsung GX-VD940CJ box manufactured by Vidéotron.


To my surprise, the terminal comes with a CableCARD in the back of it.



The question I have about this is, if I sign up for a traditional illicoTV package and I authorize this terminal, will I be able to hook the CableCARD provided with it to a peripheral device (like an HDHomeRun) and put the CableCARD to use as well?


If so, how would it work? Would the CableCARD be authorized as soon as the terminal itself is?


If any Vidéotron customers have any experience with what I'm talking about, I'd really appreciate any input. I've noticed that most if not all of the Samsung-branded terminals that Vidéotron have manufactured have come with a CableCARD.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello ArianK! 


It is unlikely that doing this will work, because the system which allows our decoders and modems to function on our network do not only make use of the cable card but also use the phyiscal address of the equipment (MAC). Thus, any device with a MAC address that does not match a Videotron decoder or modem will not be authorized on our network. 


I hope this helps!