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Mega Package?

This afternoon on Videotron's website I tried to change a couple channels in my 20 extra channels package (I've done this before, but quite awhile ago). I unselected 2 of the channels, and selected 2 new ones. When I clicked on "Validate", instead of going to the confirmation screen, I got a message saying "The total cost of the preassembled packages or Custom packages that you have chosen exceeds the price of the Mega package. The Mega package is available at a lower rate than your selections". I wasn't able to get past this to get the 2 new channels. So I tried to check what channels I'd get with the Mega package but couldn't find it anywhere on Videotron's website. Am I missing something here, or doing something wrong?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Good day Mike!


You can indeed change for the Mega package for $64 a month; this is the biggest package we offer and is not featured on our website. Essentially, it includes most of the channels à la carte available with the custom options in one single big package. 


Since we can not describe the complete list of channels included in this package here, we invite you to contact our agents for a submission and more details on our Mega package by clicking here:


We'll be happy to proceed for you and answer all your questions!




If I don't change to the mega package, does this mean that I'll never be able to change any of the channels in the 20 extra channels package that I have now?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Mike,


In order to confirm this for you, we would need to access your account. We will gladly assist you by chat or by phone.


You will find our contact information here:


Have a nice day!