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June 15, 2022, switch from the illico TV app to Helix TV

Rédacteur Web

Don't forget that as of tomorrow morning (June 15, 2022), illico subscribers will have to make the switch to the Helix TV app to listen to their content on mobile or on the web. If you're looking for more information to help you with this change, you can find it here.


And you're probably wondering what are the advantages of the new application. Well, with the Helix TV app, you can:


  • Download your content before you leave home and watch it wherever you are with the Download and Go option.
  • Watch your movies and shows simultaneously on five different screens, such as your tablet, smartphone or TV.
  • Stream your content to any screen, even a TV, wherever you are. 


How about all the disadvantages? I have 5 illico boxes ( that I own)  that record and I used to be able to manage them via my computer. Now I can't. Regarding downloading video content, I have a 150 GB limit and I usually use that up without any video content being downloaded. I can not even use the Helix app to check my programs non of the channel numbers match what I have. So where is the advantage?


the fact you took away the ability to record shows outside of the house for us illico subscribers is borderline criminal.  we pay just as much as helix users, maybe even more, but now we have less features