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How to install Helix App on an Android TV box such as a NVIDIA Shield or other ?

I read on the Videotron site that the Helix app can be installed on an Amazon FireStick, has anyone successfully done so? What about other Android boxes? Any suggestions?




I tried sideloading it on my nvidia shield, version It crashes after i click "Get Started" to sign in.  I know they added chromecast feature but it only works if the device is on the Helix Hub WIFI. I am actually using google wifi as primary router to spread the wifi around the house and i cannot cast when my phone is connected to the google home wifi.  Maybe there is a way around this?


They really need to make an Android / Apple TV version of the app. Bell Fibe has the app on those platforms and Virgin now provides tv solely through their app. Virgin allows you to connect up to 4 devices with one subscription, no need to buy over priced proprietary hardware and pay for additional tv connections.  Will be looking into the other services and making a switch.

I have tried to side load the helix APK on Amazon Fire TV and newest Chromecast GoogleTV (the one allows to install apps). In both cases, the Helix app can be launched (passed the login) and I can see the UI. On the FireTV, it cannot display any content (channels, recordings etc.) and says something like cannot find such info. On GoogleTV, it actually displays all my info (channels, recordings) as if everything is normal. However, when I try to watch any live channel or recordings, it says "This video stream is not playable under the current device condition...". So I guess the app intentionally blocks such usage until it officially supports it

In addition to number666, I tried Chromecast and that didn't work either (no error just 3 dots sliding). The only success I had using helix app to display on tv was via Mini PC.

I'd like to know if anyone has had success running the helix app on Android TV though.

I got it installed on the Shield but when I select a channel, it says "Screen Mirroring isnt curently supported. Disable Screen mirroring......

I find this pretty annoying! The Helix App running on an Android TV would really make their app TV offering a lot more attractive. It's annoying to have to use your phone and cast each time you want to change channels, vs RiverTV/StackTV/Bell where you can just browse it on the TV like a standard guide.