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Helix TV updates

Those of you who are with Helix TV for a long time, do we see regular software updates on that TV service?  I see people complaining about small software issues (on these forums) that should be easy to resolve if they had a few developers assigned to maintain this software product.  


But it's possible they only invest minimal budget in maintenance to only deal with hardware obsolescence and the most serious issues, such as crash and stability problems.


So is the Helix TV software product continuously evolving with new features and improvements? Or is it mostly the same since its introduction?








Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert


Since the beginning, many new features were introduced. It is now possible to watch Prime Video content, play games, and more. Many UI/UX improvements were also deployed such as applying the program guide filter to the CH+- keys.

For sure, most updates tackle stability and bug crunching. But throughout the years, we've seen lots of new stuff added in! And there's many other new things to come 😉

Your reply would be much more useful if you listed one or 2 of the 'many other new things to come'.

For example picture-in- picture(which is available on old receiver) and adding the CRAVE app(as is the case for Amazon Prime and Netflix).

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello dpweb7! 


While we would love to give you more details, we are not at liberty to discuss upcoming features before they have been officially announced. I encourage you to follow our social media accounts as this is where we will announce new features and other updates. 


Thank you for your interest!