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Helix App error message


Helix App error message

I am using Firefox on Linux - once logged in and chose channel to watch received the following message - Sorry, playback is unavailable Videos on HELIX TV can only be viewed from within the US. If you believe you are seeing this message in error, please connect to a different network and try refreshing your browser. (Error player.403.14007) ?? any fix for this??

Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Feet, sorry for the delayed answer.

Unfortunately we do not provide specific support for Linux (desktop) - please see Helix TV minimum requirements here:


Regarding that issue in particular, you may have to enable geolocation and cookies in your browser and make sure there isn't a particular setting or app routing the traffic and making you appear like connected from the United States (VPN, addons). You can easily check your IP online to see what websites are detecting.


Thanks for your understanding, have a nice evening. -Berenger

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