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Fox channels

I'm subscribed to Fox but only get channel 29 and not channel 410. Why is that? And how can I get 410? The better football game is on 410

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert



Channel 410 (Fox Seattle) is not part of the regular Fox channel, which is Burlington WFFF-TV in most of Québec, and Detroit WJBK in the Outaouais. To get the Seattle Fox station KCPQ at channel 410, you would need to take another bundle we offer for the US stations in the West. It is $3/month, and it comes with Fox Seattle, ABC Seattle, NBC Seattle and CBS Seattle​. It would need to be kept at least one month, after which you can remove it.


If you would like to add this to your plan, you may do so by contacting customer service either by phone or chat. You can find our coordinates and chat service here, under "Customer Service" :


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