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Is it just me or is the access to crave through Videotron extremely limited? I recently switched from bell, and I’m starting to think I made the wrong choice. I have the same channels I had with bell, but with Videotron I have very little channels available on demand and the channels I do have are extremely limited to what’s available to watch. I can only access maybe half the shows/movies I could with bell. Please explain before I give up and call bell back
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Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert



To discuss the situation with you, we are going to contact you by private message.


Thank you!

Please also tell me. I used to be able to stream Crave (which is part of my TV package) but since Bell changed Crave TV to Crave it no longer works. Please give us a clear answer. Is this just greedy bad blood between Bell and Videotron or will Crave become availabe for streaming through Videotron to subscribers paying for the service?


Peter Svatek 

Please reply to me as well. Crave is part of my TV package. I USED to be able to stream HBO etc on my computer, but when Bell moved it all to Crave, I lost the ability to stream what is now Crave. Just tell us the plain truth. Is this just greedy bad blood between Bell Media and Videotron competing or will Videotron subscribers paying for Crave be able to stream it. Are you negotiating this or not? 

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi psvatek, we've sent you too a private message. 

Hello Videotron. I have the Crave TV package with you and was wondering if it is possible for me to stream via my computer the Crave website? If so, please help with link and login instructions.

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Moderator - Solution Expert



Our current partnership with this channel doesn't allow for web access, unfortunately.


-Charles R.

Is the programming available on demand also limited for your partnership with this channel? I see a series available at when I log in, but when I log in on Vidéotron's terminal on my TV, the series I want to watch is not listed. Do I have to watch it on my laptop because your partnership is completely limited?

My biggest issue is that Videotron does not support downloads from the Crave app. Why would the full service not be available if we are paying the full price. (Not to mention the pitifully small amount of options for streaming of English channels in Illico app.) Will this feature be available soon?

I too recently joined Videotron from Bell and am shocked to see how little content there is considering the price is the same. Videotron could surely considering giving a rebate or adding same content as other Crave subscribers.


I have noticed the issue of limited crave content with Vidéotron and it is just getting worse.
Crave shows like succession, killing eve, sharp objects and many more are not on crave Vidéotron but somehow are available in French through Vidéotron. I called customer service and was told to take up the issue with crave, when crave does not even recognize me as a crave customer, but as a Vidéotron customer.
For customers interested in series / movies in English, Vidéotron is definitely not the right choice.

Very disappointed with the limited crave content on Vidéotron. Crave shows like succession, sharp objects and killing eve not available contrary to other service providers and directly through crave (and Vidéotron has these shows dubbed in French on club illico and super écran but not available on crave!).
Called Vidéotron customer service and they ridiculously told me (a Full package customer for 20 years) to call crave!
That was my tipping point to make move to bell.
If you want proper access to English shows/ movies on your tv and online bell is the way to go.


I have been subscribed to Crave for several years through Videotron. There was a documentary that was released on April 7 that I wanted to watch but to my surprise it had disappeared from HBO on demand by April 11. I really wanted to watch it so I went to the Crave App to see if it was available. It was, and I was shocked to realize how much content I had been missing! There are 280 documentaries right now in the Crave app. In Helix? 156. 124 are missing!! And it’s not just older shows, but very recent and prominent  ones as well. I cannot believe that I have been paying full price all this time for a limited selection of Crave content. This is very disappointing. If you don’t offer 100% of the Crave content, you should at a minimum inform your customers. BTW now at least I can access the Crave app on my phone and smart TV, so going forward I will use it to stream Crave content.

Why do we not have same access as Crave application. Series are not there which I wanted to watch, main reason I subscribed to Crave. Why does Helix not give us the Crave app. Even on ipad with the Crave app shows are blocked mentioning you need a subscription, which I have with Helix!!! Quite frustrating and a waste of money for a subscription…

I subscribed to Crave and am very disappointed so far. Why does Helix not have a Crave app? I have the app on my ipad but most of the series are blocked and requires a subscription, why is  my subscription with Videotron not valid? So far I am very disappointed and I can’t even subscribe to Crave directly because Helix does not have the app. I have been with Videotron for yeats and have always been satisfied until now…