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Planning your move in 8 simple questions

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How much advance notice should you give Videotron? There aren’t any cable outlets at your new address: is a technician going to install new ones? Does he need to go to your former home?


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!


1 - When should I tell Videotron about my move?

 The earlier the better. It’s recommended that you tell us about your change of address 30-45 days before the date of your move. That way, we can make sure that we have a time slot available when it’s most convenient for you to have the technician visit your home.


If you contact us closer to your move, we will do our best to accommodate you.


2 – I don’t have cable hook-ups at my new address. How much does each new installation cost?

 When you move into a new address, the relocation of your services includes installation of 5 outlets.


The current fee to install services at your new address is $59.95. Please note that for a limited time only, installation of your services is free* when you subscribe to a new DUO, TRIO or QUATTRO package. Take advantage of this offer today!



3 – I don’t have access to my new residence yet. Am I allowed to have a period of time between uninstalling all the services at my old address and reinstalling them at my new place?


Yes, a maximum period of 45 days is permitted between uninstalling and reinstalling your services at your new address. Note, however, that your Mobile Phone service will not be suspended, because it is not attached to any fixed wiring.


4 – Do I need to bring my modem and terminals to my new address?


Yes. All your equipment must be readily available when the technician visits your home.


5 – Does the technician have to uninstall the equipment at my old address?


No. A technician doesn’t have to go to your old address at all. You must uninstall all of your own equipment yourself and bring it with you.


6 – Do I have to be at home for the installation at my new address?


Yes, you must be present when the technician comes to your new address, so that they can proceed with the installation.


If you absolutely cannot be present, you can allow a friend or family member, aged 18 or older, to be present for you. However, it is preferable that you be there yourself.


7 – What do I need to prepare for the technician’s visit to my new address?


In order for the technician to proceed with the installation of your services in an efficient manner, you must make sure to have at hand the following devices, depending on which services are to be installed:


  • Television
  • Terminal
  • Computer
  • Modem or multi-function modem
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • Home Phone
  • Wire and cables for your devices (power cord, cable hook-up, Ethernet cable, HDMI cables, etc.).


Basically, everything that plugs in should be ready to go!


Make sure that you are prepared for your technician’s visit: access to your dispenser box, clear spaces, verification of restrictions that could arise . . . We’ve outlined everything in this list.


8 – I’m moving to a new region. Can I choose my new telephone number?


Yes, it’s possible to make a selection among telephone numbers that are available in your new region.




Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments and we’ll respond!


Tell us your new address: go here to do so.



We made a video showing you everything you need to know about uninstalling your equipment . . . because yes, cutting the coaxial cable is easy and completely safe!



*This limited-time offer applies to new and existing Videotron Residential customers. New customers: Offer is conditional upon a subscription to at least two (2) of the following services: TV, Internet (Residential or Mobile), and Residential Telephone. Existing customers: Offer is conditional upon a subscription to at least one (1) new wired service, for a total of two (2), three (3) or four (4) services, or upon maintaining two (2), three (3) or four (4) of the following services: illico TV, Internet (Residential or Mobile), Residential or Mobile Telephone. Installation of these services (TV, Internet and Telephone) is free (a value of $59.95) if installed on the same day, for a maximum of five (5) outlets per visit. Additional outlets extra. Mobile service activation fee $25 ( $20 activation + $5 SIM card) not included.