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Videotron’s ultravast LTE network goes where you go, unless it’s to Osheaga

I’d like to know why I should continue to use Videotron mobility when it was completely useless at Osheaga on Saturday? Both my companion and, both videotron customers, where left with no data except for the occasional 3G connection for our entire Osheaga experience, which is not what your ads seem to advertising. Maybe Bell is right, maybe we should switch. Please explain why I should continue stay with your company!

thank you


Super utilisateur
Super utilisateur

It is entirely possible the network was overloaded with the amount of people present at the event.


Depending on your phone  (I have a Scamsung s23ultra) you MIGHT be able to either select a partner network or force the phone on a different LTE  band. 

Inconvenient, I know, and this should not be the solution to get an adequate internet connection. 

Videotron is falling behind the cartel (which it is now part of...) I signed up 5 years ago because of good prices, voice over wifi in roaming and US vouce/data included. 

Now even Public Mobile offers that and Videotron is constantly delivering sub-100Mbps in Ottawa, no eSIM, no 5G.


If you want to stay competitive, you need to adapt fast. Not that anyone in these forums cares...or can do anything about it.

Do you work for Videotron? Do you represent them? I didn't ask for an opinion from the community, why would I? 

Do you work for Videotron? Do you represent them? Are you part of Videotron technical support? I asked Videotron and their lack of a response speaks volumes. I'll be switching providers as soon as possible as they obviously could care less about customer service. I guess I'll try Telus  

@marclavigne wrote:

Do you work for Videotron? 

Used to.


@marclavigne wrote:

 Do you represent them? 



@marclavigne wrote:

I didn't ask for an opinion from the community, why would I? 

You opened up the discussion by starting a thread.  But clearly you just intend to be disrespectfull and seem to have your mind made up even tho an answer was provided to your question.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello there! This forum is meant for our customers to respectfully discuss but not a way to contact us directly. You can reach us over the phone, our chat service, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Please note that we are aware that gatherings can weaken the signal, as for any provider, and this is something we are working on.

Thank you for confirming that the Videotron’s ultravast LTE network can not handle planned large gatherings. This is the first provider I've had this issue with, so I'll be moving on to a provider than can plan for large gatherings