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The word "Voicemail" being displayed as "Boite Vocal" on my screen


So when I had my iPhone and I accessed my voicemail, it was called "voicemail". But since switching to Galaxy S21, it says "Boite Vocale" ... same sim, I just swapped phones. All the instructions and everything else are still in English, so it is just the way this phone is displaying the word "Voicemail" on its screen. Samsung says this is a carrier issue and only the carrier can fix it, but when I access Videotron chat support, they could not fix it. How can I get this fixed?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi Adam! Indeed, Android devices will simply follow what is hard-coded in the SIM. In ours SIMs: "Boite Vocale" is hard-coded for the voicemail shortcut and alternative wording is not possible due to technical limitations.

One possible solution: You can make a contact to the number "5144242302" and name it "Voicemail" to have that shown on screen.

Thank you!

Thanks for the info! You know more than the service ppl in the support chat. Would you happen to know why an Apple device shows it in English on the same sim? 

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

The iPhone will mostly ignore the SIM's hard-coded information except for what it really needs (phone number, actual number to reach voicemail, etc). Hence why the iPhone will show "Voicemail" in the language set in the system.

Once more, we assure you we got your suggestion written down and sent to our teams for consideration. My own personal opinion is that it's a bit jarring to have everything in one language and have one single word in another 😅

My friend's iPhone says Voicemail while my Android says Boite Vocale.  Creating a new contact called Voicemail does not solve the problem - the system is not fooled - it still says Boite Vocale.  Other service providers don't have this problem - they're not Quebec-based.