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Looking for feedback from those that have switched from Rogers


Hi all,


I'm considering switching my cell phones to Videotron from Rogers, as the price is better. (I have been with Rogers for over 20 years now.) I would like to hear any feedback from those that have switched from Rogers, e.g., data speed (are you connecting at 5G or LTE), service in the U.S., any issues, etc. Essentially, I would like to as best as possible ensure that I can get equivalent service and network performance with Videotron before I switch over.




Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello efrant !


We are truly sorry that you consider changing providers. In order to better understand the situation in detail and in order to better serve you, we invite you to communicate with us directly at the Loyalty department over the phone at 1-877-512-0911, option 4. 


Have a great day !