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Club ilico included in the price or not?


The first time I subscribed to Videotron, I thought that club ilico is included in the price they shown on the website and said and confirmed through the phone but I was naive and I was caught off-guard. When they said, for example, $50, I thought it would only be $50 but they also include club ilico price of $9.99 on top of the price. Which is such a scam! I complained and that got resolved. Now, I have another mobile plan with them and the customer agent told me that I would only be paying $45 per month and I asked before confirming if the price of club ilico is included in the price and he said yes. When I checked my invoice today, it wasn't the case. It's $45 plus additional $9.99 for club ilico. Like **blip**! I don't want to go through the whole complain process again!


Do you guys have the same problem or is it just me? 


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert



I believe you are talking about  « Club illico mobile», which is included for free with your mobile plan. The $9.99 fees are in the "" section and the $9.99- credit named «Rebate: Mobile bundle» would be in the wireless section.

It is a signature service on all of our premium plans. 

If you need further explanations, we invite you to communicate with us via one of the following communication channels: Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, our live chat (https://videotron. com/us-join) or by phone at 1-877-512-0911.


Have a great day 🌞


- StéphanieTP