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100 go supplémentaire par année


Pour les 100 go supplémentaire par année avec mon forfait, est ce que je peux tous les utiliser dans un seul mois ou j'ai un maximum par mois? dans mon année?




Modérateur - Expert Solution
Modérateur - Expert Solution

Bonjour Mélanie, 

Vous pouvez utiliser jusqu'à 20Go bonus dans le mois, pour un maximum de 100Go bonus dans l'année.

Bonne journée !


hi i  also have a question to this, i have the "all inclusive 20 gb canada plan with 100 gb bonus i believe, how do i use the bonus? as this month with rogers had internet down ive used almost all 20gb, it showed im at the limit on the videotron app, with 9 days left before new cycle, im afraid to use data and being charged for it.

You have nothing to do.  You'll get a text message saying you're near your regular plan limit.  It'll switch automatically to your bonus data.


You'll be able to see those 3 usages in your Customer Center web page and probably in the App too :

  • How much data you've used in your regular plan.
  • How much you've used of your annual bonus data.
  • How much bonus data you've used in the current month.

oh ok i see, i realized i did not have that plan so it did not show in the app or site. Changed my plan this morning so i should see it soon,  thank you appreciate it