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wifi configuration


wifi configuration

Hi folks, my wifi gateway page in my browser no longer allows me to manage my wifi configuration. It says

" Wi-Fi Mode, Security Mode, Channel Selection, Channel Mode, and Channel Bandwidth are being managed automatically to help optimize your home Wi-Fi network and improve Wi-Fi coverage. To edit your Wi-Fi Network Name & Network password, please download the Videotron Helix Fi app or visit . "

I tried adding a screenshot of this message for clarity but was getting a permission denied error upon uploading an image from my pc.


How can i change this to allow me to configure my wifi network manually? I don't want it to be configured automatically and scouring the help information and forums has led me to very little info. This was not the case when i last checked a few months ago.


Thank you.

Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi @potema


If you receive this notice, this means the Helix Fi gateway has been upgraded with software that manages advanced WiFi settings automatically to help optimize your home network and provide the best performance possible. Advanced WiFi settings for gateways with this software enhancement cannot be managed from the Web admin tool or Helix Fi app. We will  however forward your comment to the team that compiles requests for improvement of our services.


oh so being able to manage it myself is a feature that's just been straight up removed? that seems very weird to me.

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