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Spam Filters / Inbox Error Messages


Lots of spam emails have been getting through lately, so I added some mail filters to automatically move them to the Spam folder. The filters work sometimes, but not always. Some messages go the Spam folder, while others stay in my inbox.


Worse is that every incoming email - even legitimate messages - now generates an error message from a Ne Pas Repondre mailbox at Videotron.  All these error messages have "Problem during delivery processing" as the subject. The email body contains the following (among other things):


Processing errors occurred during delivery:

 Recipient address: [redacted]

 Reason: Error in sieve filter: Sieve body is not enabled around input line 16 [fileinto" , "body" ]^; #BEGINFILTER      ]

 Delivery processing continued in spite of these errors.


I know I configured my filters properly. If I remove the filters, I stop getting these error messages. Seems to me the problem is not at my end but at Videotron. And it is really annoying.