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Spam Filters / Inbox Error Messages


Lots of spam emails have been getting through lately, so I added some mail filters to automatically move them to the Spam folder. The filters work sometimes, but not always. Some messages go the Spam folder, while others stay in my inbox.


Worse is that every incoming email - even legitimate messages - now generates an error message from a Ne Pas Repondre mailbox at Videotron.  All these error messages have "Problem during delivery processing" as the subject. The email body contains the following (among other things):


Processing errors occurred during delivery:

 Recipient address: [redacted]

 Reason: Error in sieve filter: Sieve body is not enabled around input line 16 [fileinto" , "body" ]^; #BEGINFILTER      ]

 Delivery processing continued in spite of these errors.


I know I configured my filters properly. If I remove the filters, I stop getting these error messages. Seems to me the problem is not at my end but at Videotron. And it is really annoying.





My email account started doing this about 5 days ago. Videotron support could not solve the problem. Did you ever solve the problem?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Carolinem1!


We would require more details in order to properly assist you with this situation. I recommend contacting our Technical Support again by phone or chat so we can investigate the issue. Make sure to have the detailed error message you are receiving at hand. If you are using an Email client software (such as Windows/Mac Mail, Outlook, etc), it's a good idea to make an attempt using the Webmail at . If the issue does not occur via the webmail, it's likely a configuration issue. 


You will find our contact information as well as our online chat Technical Support service here :


Have a great day! 




Had the same problem in December, have Videotron Customer Support reset your mailbox.

The real solution .... Attention Videotron Admins... is to add the "Sender Name" field to their server filters in the Videotron Webmail interface. This way the spammers won't be able to use those alias's such as "Norton" or "McAfee".

They usually use the same alias or "Sender Name", but always a different email address...

Click on the "From" field on a spam email, you'll see the real email address appear.

This is what is known as the "Sender Name", it's what masks the email address in the "From" field and was originally meant to make it easier to identify friendly emails... but was really handy for spammers to hide behind... unfortunately.

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Thanks for this great advice @Lambertv ! 


I would encourage you to post it in a separate discussion to make it easy to see for other users. 


Thank you again for your active participation on the Forum 



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