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Helix - MAC address filtering

Good morning, I recently upgraded to Helix. I have always used MAC address filtering on all of my previous routers. I cannot find it anywhere on the APP or via the web browser access.  Does the Helix outer have this option? If so, where would I find it?


Thank you,



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello ajefferson!


Mac Address Filtering is not available, however you can place devices into a profile and "pause" that profile on the Helix-Fi app, which will prevent all devices in this profile to connect to the Internet or exchange data with the network.. 


This will have the same effect as a Mac Filter would have. 




this is not the same. With  Randomize MAC on laptop/cell today ... there's no way to track down all undesired MAC and to put into a profile !!! Thus, using profile as suggested is completely useless.

Contrary to a "accepted only" list on other router.

Helix seems to have MAC filter setting, but when use the mode "Allow", it suppose to accept only machine in the list but ... the real connected list is much longer ..that means not working either

The ' add device to profile' feature is useless.  The HELIX random MAC nameing makes it useless.  With Helix, Parental control means get rid of the Helix box.