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Can I wire a Helix WiFi pod using a CAT 5 Ethernet cable?

Can I wire a Helix WiFi pod using a CAT 5 Ethernet cable to extend range? The place where I want to put it (my garage) barely gets a signal so I'd like to run cat 5 to that location so that my car, WiFi cameras and other devices will be able to access my WiFi. I don't want to have to run a series of pods in several locations leading to the garage.


Hi jpadgett5


I too had the exact same question, since I have a security camera outside my garage that I would like to provide a strong signal too.

I see that Rogers in Ontario is also using the same model WiFi pod and their website says the pod will work via an Ehternet connection to the internet HUB.


I just called Videotron technical support and the answer is YES, a Videotron WiFi pod can be connected via Ethernet to the Helix hub (or in my case to a network swtich connected to my Helix hub)


Important Note on setup: You must first setup the WiFi pod in pure WiFi mode (not connected to your router with the Ehternet cable).  Once the normal WiFi setup is complete (as per standard instructions), the rep told me you can then simply connect via ethernet cable the pod to your Helix router.


The rep did confirm that this infomration is NOT currently available on the Videotron web site anywhere.

CORRECTION to my earlier post.  Since connecting my pod via ethernet in the garage, I've had all kinds of connection issues with this pod.  When I phoned back Videotron customer support, they now tell me the Helix pods cannot be connected to the Helix Gateway via ethernet cable (essentially becoming a WAP - wireless access point) my options to maintain a good signal in my garage is to use sufficient amount of Pods to make short signal hops (if keeping only Videotron hardware)  There are other options to consider, like setting up a new network in the garage (different SSID) using a WAP that would be wired to the Helix Gateway.

I juste tested trying to use the Ethernet port as uplink to the modem, and it does not work. I did a reset, confonfigured, no success. It only wants tu use wifi. This sucks since it reduces the range and create more WiFi traffic on the network since the Pod needs to repeat all data transmission on WiFi instead of through the cable. It also  reduces the range you can use the pods at if you have cables already in place.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! Although it is technically possible to operate a Helix Fi pod in this way, the maneuver is neither recommended nor supported. The use of the ethernet jack on the Pods should be limited to connect devices that have no Wi-Fi capability. 


A cable connection from the Helix Fi gateway to the Pods can cause unexpected behavior in the Helix ecosystem and thus you would be exposed to unknown and unsupported bugs that are not documented on our side nor our partners.


In case of a poor Wi-Fi signal, it would be best contact the technical support team who will be able to make the appropriate troubleshooting more easily with you.