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Weird wifi settings please help!


I live with my uncle to take care of his children while he is hospitalized. I know the password of its wifi named let's say for the short TP-LINK.
When I connected to wifi, he said no internet. Then I turned off the wifi and turned it on and connected it.
Then later, when I tried to reconnect, I just couldn't do it. So I went to the wifi browser page and he said there that wan port is unplugged.
Then, after a while, I tried again from different places and connected it. So I went back to the wifi page to see what was different. Even though I logged into the
wifi name Tp-Link The wireless section showed a different ssid "random wifi" and a different password. So I wrote down that password.
I noticed in my phone's wifi list available 4 wifis.
The original tp
random WiFi, Random
2.4 wifi, and Random 5 wifi.
The password for the last 3 were the same.
It sometimes connects to the Internet and sometimes it does not.
If I approach the strong wifi connection, I can log in and use it anywhere when connected to the internet. Otherwise, in another place, it still says no Internet, even if the signal is good.
I don't know why it has 4 routers or only 1 with so many different settings.
Also when there is internet, the wifi page address is and when there is no internet the gateway is It's so weird please help!!!




So let me guess the topology of your network, can you verify it is the case how thing are hooked up?

[tp-link-wifi-router]------[cable modem]------[internet]


also which model tp-link router you have?




The best for you is to reduce or merge some network together to get less network and less issues.

Some router can have many SSID. The first one is for the 2.4Ghz and the second is for the 5Ghz. So the network is broadcast on 2 different frequency. After that often the router creates one third SSID for the Guest network. It's use when you don't want that everyone can access to all device on the network. If you want you can disable it and it's gonna be more easy with less SSID.

For the first and second SSID, in the router setting you can often merge the 2 networks ( 2.4Ghz SSID and the 5Ghz SSID) in only one network by check one case. Don't do that only if you use domotics devices or devices that doesn't support 5Ghz network.



About the address IP: is often the address of web interface of the router but some Router use different address. Why it switch the address ? I don't know the answer but I supposed this is one way to keep one access to the web interface page setting. In some router you can set the web interface on only one address ip by clicking in checkbox. 

If you're completely lost in the web interface of your router, please provide the model of your router and we can help you with better answer.


Thank you all for your responses and support.