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Videotron is driving me insane


I have more experience with computers than most people alive on this planet.

I am trying to keep calm. I'm really trying. I am TRYING SO HARD.

I just wanted to make a port forwarding today. This is all I wanted to ever do.

And this is the issues I've ran into :

  1. Impossible to port forward on helixfi "Makes your life easier" the new terrible useless system online instead of directly on the router.
  2. I followed the tutorial given by helixfi for this and there is no advanced settings on the terrible designed website.
  3. I am trying to disable bold text right now and I can't because everything is programmed with feets and it won't let me.
  4. I can not login on my original account VirgilFabre.
  5. I can not reset my password on my account VirgilFabre due to the email link being not even related to my account.
  6. I can't login with facebook because it's in "developpement".
    And more

    Is there anything the videotron team actually cares about
    Is everyone just milking the company except the actual people that makes the installation at homes?
    Who is responsible for all the management and planning. They should be fired immediately.
    The design of helixfi and helix's website is the only thing well done on the entire videotron system. Congratz on scoring 2 out of 100 on my personnel rating.

    Videotron is making a of money, yet it seems to be managed by sloths.
    Even there, sloths certainly know that if nothing works the customers won't be happy.
    A 15 years old system could works better than that 2020 system that's not even capable of doing easy, simple, previously working tasks.

    I am angry.
    I lost my time.
    I lost my patience.
    I can't wait to either see Videotron actually care about what people say, or lose everything and get replaced.

Yes I found it after checking literally everywhere after this message


Il n'en demeure pas moins que cette page ( n'est pas facile à trouver. Je ne vois aucun lien évident qui y mène, dans la page du niveau précédent (.../network). A moins que je ne sois coquel'oeil ou sénile ou les deux 😉

En effet,  c'est pas évident.


Onglet Connexion -> Clique "Voir Réseau" ->  Clique "Plus - Paramètres Avancés"

Suis à moitié coquel'oeil finalement! Merci!