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Videotron internet + Bell TV - guidance and assistance required


My area does not yet have fiber optic service, and Fibe 50 (the fastest service Bell provides here) is insufficient for my needs. When the epidemic began, I'd had Bell Fibe 50 internet and TV for several years and had thoroughly enjoyed its simplicity of use, quality, and so on. Unfortunately, after my boyfriend and I started video-conferencing 24/7 (which we still do), dropped calls became a daily occurrence. As a result, we were forced to transfer from Bell to Videotron, which provides 400 Mpbs rather than Bell's 50. Calls that are dropped are no longer an issue.


We, on the other hand, despise Helix TV. The user interface is terrible, and the overall experience is awful. Furthermore, basic packages do not include any American TV channels, therefore they must be added (at a cost, of course)! Our Videotron contract is set to end this fall, and I'm considering how I can preserve Videotron's high-speed internet while converting to Bell cable TV. Needless to say, I'm not going back to Fibe 50 or adding a residential or cell phone!


Thank You.


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You don't have to subscribe to Helix TV if you like the service.  You can choose to have only Helix Internet.


I don't know if Bell will allow you to subscribe to their TV service without Bell Internet, you should ask them.


Hi, I tryed to add TV from other sources (Bell, Cogeco, VMedia, etc.) while keeping Helix Internet and everywhere I got the same roadblock. Other providers needed me to also add internet.


My only legal option right now (no way I will go back to Bell, and Videotron internet works perfect in bridge mode) is for Videotron to upgrade the App TV experience. 

Good luck