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Unable to bridge Helix 2




today videotron came to install helix fiber internet at my shop. First thing I wanted to do after the tech left was to put the helix 2 in bridge mode in order to use my Asus GT-AXE11000 router. I was told by the rep and tech that I would be able to bridge the helix 2 in their app. However, it seems like I can't do so, I'm getting this warning "Bridge Mode not supported in Ethernet WAN mode.". 


Now my question is, is there a way for me to bypass this limitation or can I use another modem model which would let me configure my network  as I please?


Thank you in advance for your help, hopefully someone out there's got the answer I'm looking for!


Modérateur - Expert Solution
Modérateur - Expert Solution

Hello Deesan! 


Here is the procedure that should work to configurer your Helix Gateway in Bridge mode (note : The bridge mode *cannot* work if you have Helix pods registered on your network) :


1. Connect a computer to of the LAN ports of the gateway
2. Open a web browser and go to
3. Select "Gateway" then "At a glance" from the menu on the left
4. Turn on the "Bridge Mode" option.
5. Click "OK" the gateway should reboot. If it does not, reboot the Gateawy by disconnecting it from its power outlet for 10 seconds.
6. Connect your Router to the Gateway and reboot the gateway if your router does not recieve an IP address after a few minutes.


I hope this helps! 




He says he has a fibre modem so I guess the gateway is in EWAN mode.  It cannot work in EWAN and Bridge mode at the same time


Hello ,


@SamusAran, do you mean that there is no way to use our own Router and not "Double Nat" with the fiber ?

@Deesan, did you find a solution ? (I have exactly the same setup as you, and I am thinking about moving to Helix fiber)





Deesan you can plug is Asus router WAN port to LAN of the Helix Gateway. The Asus routeur will receive a 10.0.0.x IP address has "public" and give 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x IP to device, pc, printer, etc. All will work great.

At that time, the Helix Gateway was not able to be in EWAN mode to connect to the Fiber modem and also in Bridge mode so you can use your own router. 

However, my comment is more than 18 months old, they might have fixed that problem since.