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1GB Plan | Packet Loss / High Ping


1GB Plan | Packet Loss / High Ping

Hi, is anybody else located in Chateauguay Area experiencing issues with Videotron? I am a gamer, have the best package videotron has to offer, however, I've been experiencing high Ping or Packet Loss for almost a week now. I game online hardwired via LAN cable, I've port forwarded, I've done modem restarts, nothing worked. I've contacted Support and they claim there is an issue in my area being resolved. However I'm unsure if that's true because I would assume it be resolved by now. Anyone else experiencing this as of May 18 2021? Thank you.

Acknowledgements of the issue does not mean it's fixed.

I had an issue a few years back with the cable network, took 2 3 months before it was fixed.
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Hi Deadchamber,


Were you able to reach technical support for this situation? If not, we strongly suggest you do through the following link: http://bit.ly/FB_Contact_Us


Thank you!

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