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Learn all about IPTV

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IPTV is one of the latest technologies in digital broadcasting and is gaining traction around the world. What is it? What are its benefits? What’s included in an IPTV plan? Let’s discover this ingenious and easy-to-use TV solution. 


What is IPTV? 

IP stands for Internet Protocol. IPTV is therefore a broadcasting service where the signals are transmitted over the Internet. This method of distribution differentiates IPTV from conventional television, which is broadcast by coaxial cable or satellite over radio frequencies. 

How IPTV works


Now sent over the Internet, TV content can be managed like any other digital data. For example, on-demand content and recordings are hosted on servers. Every time a client wants to watch a program, movie, or recording, a request is sent to the TV service provider’s server. The content is then sent to the client’s TV terminal, mobile phone, tablet, or computer. IPTV therefore enables you to watch content at any time on the screen of your choice, at home or remotely!  


This technology has revolutionized the way people enjoy television. Moreover, IP television also provides access to live channels. 


Watch out for pirate services 

Some providers are selling IPTV plans at a ridiculously low cost. They can offer such prices because they divert signals and don’t pay royalties to the channels they broadcast. This practice is illegal. Before choosing an IPTV solution, check to see if the company is on the list of telecom and television service providers who are in good standing. 


Benefits of IPTV over traditional TV 

IPTV offers a range of benefits that take the entertainment experience to a whole new level: 


  • You can watch TV on multiple screens, at home or remotely. Viewing resumes where you left off, even when changing screens. 
  • It’s as easy to search for a series, show, or movie as it is to search on Google! Enter a keyword, such as an actor or series name, and content suggestions appear. No need to browse the schedule to find a title. 
  • Content from various platforms (YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, ICI TOU.TV, Stingray, etc.) is accessible from the IPTV interface. You can easily switch from one to the other as you wish (depending on the platform, a subscription may be required). 
  • The TV terminal takes up little space because it does not contain a hard drive. It elegantly blends into any decor. 
  • You can place the terminal anywhere in the house, as it doesn’t need to be connected to the coaxial cable. Have a TV in the kitchen, a bedroom, or basement? No problem, as long as the terminal picks up the Wi-Fi signal. 
  • You can program recordings remotely and watch them anywhere in the country, as they are stored on the provider’s servers. 
  • Enjoy a user-friendly and interactive experience: you can pause a live program, see sports stats during a game, play games, etc. 
  • The TV terminal is easy to install yourself, without the help of a technician, which makes it convenient when moving. 


IPTV offers at Videotron 

Videotron began offering IPTV in Québec in 2019 through its Helix product line. It is currently divided into two main categories:  


1) Helix TV plans. These come with the Helix TV terminal, which is connected directly to a TV via an HDMI cable. They also include a voice remote that enables you to find what you’re looking for simply by talking into your remote control (yes, you heard that right!). The Helix TV app, which is used to view your content on all your mobile devices, is included in these plans free of charge. 


2) TV App plans. These do not include a terminal, but provide access to the Helix TV app. You can still watch TV on a TV set by broadcasting the content of the app through Chromecast, AirPlay, or an Amazon Fire device. 


What services are included in the IPTV plans? 

Because IPTV is broadcast over the Internet, it requires high bandwidth. That’s why all Helix TV plans come with unlimited Internet access and the Helix Fi gateway, an all-in-one device that serves as a modem and router.  


Helix TV plans also include the following services: 

  • Parental Control, which restricts access to certain content 
  • A secure Kids Zone that features youth programming 
  • Recording of up to eight programs at the same time 
  • Autonomous management of your TV services in My Account, where you can change your channels and plan whenever you want 


Ready to switch to IPTV? 

What’s great about IPTV is that you can subscribe online! You’ll then get your equipment by mail and can install it easily yourself. If you prefer to see how Helix works for yourself, feel free to drop by a Videotron store. 


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