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10 tips for a successful move




The moving season is fast approaching! Before the celebratory “beer and pizza” feast, you have several steps to take. Don’t worry, here are our top 10 tips for a simple and pleasant move. Yes, it’s possible!


1. Book your truck or movers (early!) 

As soon as you’ve signed the lease or sales contract, get on the phone to book your moving company or truck. They go like hot cakes! This is especially true if you plan to move on or around July 1 or over a long weekend. Tip: try planning your move between Monday and Wednesday, the least busy days. 


2. Lighten your load


Declutter BEFORE you move! Do it the Marie Kondo way: anything that is no longer useful or does not “spark joy” will have a better life elsewhere. If you’re an eco-friendly household, take items in good condition to your neighbourhood eco-centre, old electronics to a drop-off location, and your outdated computer equipment to OPEQ, which refurbishes computers for schools. Thanks to the We Recycle program, you can bring obsolete mobile devices (phones, tablets and accessories), TV terminals, and corded phones to a Videotron store for recycling. You can also place items for sale on a classified ad site such as Marketplace. Use the garbage can as a last resort. 


To find out more, read our article on eco-friendly moving. 


3. Optimize your address change 

With all services now online, changing your address is easy! At the provincial level, use the Service québécois de changement d’adresse (SQCA) to send your new contact information to various departments. Hydro-Québec even gives you a $25 credit when you use its online service—don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of such a great offer! 


4. Plan to have your Videotron services transferred 

A move won’t stand in the way of you watching your favourite series—no way! Plan ahead by contacting Videotron 30 to 90 days before your move. At the same time, you can schedule an appointment for an installation technician to visit your new home if required. Visit our Moving Support page for tips on disconnecting and installing your devices. 


5. Pack items with what you have on hand 

Fill your pots instead of packing them empty and use towels as protection for fragile items. Use newspaper to wrap plates and glasses. Use sheets and pillows—they make excellent padding. Seriously, who needs Styrofoam these days? 


6. Keep your pets safe 

Does your pet tend to run away? Leave them with someone you trust for the day. It’s often better to take them somewhere else, because the back and forth on moving day can be a source of anxiety (if it’s stressful for you, imagine for Fido!). 


7. Prepare “miscellaneous” boxes 

It’s always surprising to see how many little things still remain to be packed on D-Day, even when you thought you had it all wrapped up! Have a box with anything that will help you in the short-term, including large green bags, gloves, an all-purpose cleaner, paper towels, and a screwdriver. 


8. Think about a cooler 

Place frozen foods at the bottom and fresh foods on top. In the days leading up to your move, save on groceries (ciao, inflation!) and empty your fridge and pantry. Now is the time to deal with all those cans of chickpeas you stockpiled and make a delicious hummus! 


9. Reserve parking spaces 

Two chairs connected by a rope is the universal code that indicates to your current or future neighbours that the space is reserved for a move. Even if your new home has private parking, coordinate your arrival with the previous owner’s departure to avoid a traffic jam. 


10. Wake up your inner boss 

The head mover is you! Don’t be afraid to give detailed instructions. Label boxes properly, indicating the room they will be placed in at your new home. When the time comes, there must be a contact person who answers questions, directs traffic … and orders the pizza. 


Finally, incorporate all these valuable tips into a good old to-do list that you prepare a few weeks in advance. You’ll have peace of mind on moving day, knowing that all you have to do is dream about your new cocoon. 


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