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Re: Apple watch 3 support on videotron
Actually, Apple would prefer you buy the product directly from them because that's how they make their money. Having different companies sell their product means losing money for apple. I do understand that it would make sense to have all providers sell Apple watches but after doing business with them on a business scale they want money and that's their bottom line.
Re: Win a Samsung Galaxy Note8!
What do i like about the samsung galaxy note? Whats not to like?! Nice big screen, great sound quality, amazing pictures, never lags, and the speed of the phone is just amazing. I would do anything to be able to use this phone.Everything about this phone is amazing.This phone is for me because it would make life simpler. With kids and a busy schedule this phone would allow me to keep track of all mine and my children's activities and events, it would allow me to take amazing pictures at any time, and it would be a good distraction for my kids if ever they need one.