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Re: TSN online,CTV online, RDS online
I share saadhanano's frustrations. CTV/TSN/RDS might not be Videotron's properties but that is no reason for a deal not to have been worked out yet or at least for there not to have been any progress towards one. These channels are not Rogers' properties either, yet Rogers cable customers can access them online. And speaking of Rogers, their Sportsnet Now service is open to Bell TV customers (in addition to numerous other TV providers).  It's been several years now that Videotron customers have been waiting. I don't expect the details of potential discussions between Videotron and Bell and/or Rogers to be shared publicly; however, not once have I heard or seen any mention of potential discussions towards resolving this. I can't imagine that saadhanano and I are the only customers feeling this way.  I don't know if others have called or posted about it (I didn't check other posts) but that shouldn't hold Videotron back from getting something done. It's 2017; in this digital age, customers shouldn't have to complain about it to receive it. Videotron should be at least a step ahead.