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WPA-compatible devices: the list

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This is the list of consumers’ WPA-compatible wireless devices using Cell Broadcast distribution.


Find all the details about the Alert Ready Service in our forum's article here


A50 Alcatel
Go Flip Alcatel
iPhone 11 Apple
iPhone 11 Pro Apple
iPhone 11 Pro MAX Apple
iPhone 5s Apple
iPhone 6 Apple
iPhone 6 Plus Apple
iPhone 6s Apple
iPhone 6s Plus Apple
iPhone 7 Apple
iPhone 7 Plus Apple
iPhone 8 Apple
iPhone 8 Plus Apple
iPhone SE Apple
iPhone X Apple
iPhone XR Apple
iPhone XS Apple
iPhone XS Max Apple
DTEK50 BlackBerry
Cat S31 Caterpillar
Pixel 2 Google
Pixel 2 XL Google
Pixel 3 Google
Pixel 3 XL Google
Pixel 3a Google
Pixel 3a XL Google
Pixel 4 Google
Pixel 4 XL Google
Mate 20 Pro Huawei
P10 Huawei
P10 Lite Huawei
P20 Pro Huawei
P30 Huawei
P30 Lite Huawei
P30 Pro Huawei
G6+ LG
G7 One LG
G8X ThinQ Dual Screen
G8 ThinQ LG
K30 LG
Q Stylo+ LG
Q60 LG
Stylo 3 Plus LG
X power 3 LG
Moto E5 play Motorola
Moto E6 Motorola
Moto G5 Motorola
Moto G6 Motorola
Moto G6 Play Motorola
Moto G7 Motorola
Moto G7 Play Motorola
Moto Z2 Play Motorola
Moto Z3 Play Motorola
Moto Z4 Motorola
Galaxy A10e Samsung
Galaxy A20 Samsung
Galaxy A5 (2017) Samsung
Galaxy A50 Samsung
Galaxy A70 Samsung
Galaxy A8 Samsung
Galaxy J3 (2018) Samsung
Galaxy J3 Prime Samsung
Galaxy Note 10+ Samsung
Galaxy Note 8 Samsung
Galaxy Note 9 Samsung
Galaxy S10 Samsung
Galaxy S10+ Samsung
Galaxy S10e Samsung
Galaxy S7 Samsung
Galaxy S7 edge Samsung
Galaxy S8 Samsung
Galaxy S8 plus Samsung
Galaxy S9 Samsung
Galaxy S9+ Samsung
XCover 4 Samsung
Xperia X Sony
Xperia XA1 Sony
Xperia XA1 Ultra Sony
Xperia XA2 Sony
Xperia XA2 Ultra Sony
Xperia XZ2 Compact Sony



Sorry!  Wrote my post in French. Here it is in English. Can you tell us what is the status of the LG G5 and of the Samsung A5? They are compatible with Alert Ready on other networks in Canada and the USA.

Community Manager

Hi @Jean-Marc


We are trying to update the list as quickly as we can to incorporate most mobile phone we offer. This is list will be updated regularly with the newly compatible devices. Keep an eye on this list for new updates!


Vincent Quigley

Your Community Manager


I'm disappointed to see that my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Model Number SM-N910W8, Android version 6.0.1, purchased from Videotron) is not included in this list. It is WPA-compatible, 4GLTE connected (with the LTE sim card). I have never received a test message - does this mean Videotron will not include my number in case of emergency? Thank you.


Why are Apple IPhones not yet supported??? Your competitors all support Apple IPhones, but you do not. This is a serious omission and could have serious consequences. I live in the Ottawa region and did not get the Tornado Alert that everyone on other carriers received(I have an IPhone 8). Please correct this ASAP!!!! 


I agree with Netrunner1974. My iPhone 6S meets the 4G LTE qualifications, yet it’s not on the list. Thank goodness I was following the weather on Friday and knew to keep a look out for Gatineau’s tornado, but how many other Videotron iPhone users were in a bad spot because of this omission? 

@VincentQuigley Considering that I just received a text message on the subject, could someone please answer my comment of July 4th?
Community Manager

@Zipidy The list in the article above is the most recent list of compatible phones. If your phone is not listed then it will unfortunately not receive the message. We are working hard to make sure that a vast majority of the phones we offer are compatible and will receive the messages. We update the list regularly as the phone are made compatible with the system. 


Thank you for you understanding. 


Vincent Quigley 

Your community manager


I got my tornado alerts last month on both my HTC 10, and HTC U11. Also got the tests before that.


Living in Ottawa as a Videotron clients, we also did not get the tornado warning.  Our family uses:  2 x iPhone 8+ and 1 x iPhone 7+ and all have the latest IOS 12.1.  Yet none of us have the option to enable the Government mandated Emergency Alert feature.  We’re loyal Videotron clients but we’re finding this issue to be dragging on far too long.  If the majority of other service providers already support the iPhone, how can it be so hard or take so long for Videotron to correct this issue?  I can foresee a liability when some Videotron client(s) get hurt having not received any alerts.  This needs to become priority #1 and resolved ASAP....please!!